How A Person Can Solve Lighting Concerns Using Window Blinds

Whether working in a traditional style office or a home office, being able to cover one or all the windows from intruding light is imperative. In many traditional offices, the windows might be tall, wide or small and short. In a home office, the window might have a decorative look to it or be the everyday square window. With either shape or style of window, they need to be covered with some kind of window covering nonetheless. The best types of window covering for any office, traditional of home, are window blinds.

The most used window blinds are vertical blinds that supply a more uniform and professional look. These window blinds can be purchased and hung with the traditional vinyl vanes and valance. When hanging vertical blinds, which come in light or dark shades, they will be something to talk about and allow an employee to think of their work, and not the blinding light entering their office. Vertical blinds will make for a trouble-free solution to any light issues in whichever office environment an employee works in. Another great thing about vertical blinds is they come of all styles and textures. Today’s office windows no longer have to be a boring white color. The window blinds of today can match the color on the office walls or carpet. Being able to match the décor of any office has never been easier when purchasing vertical blinds.

In the office, whichever way an employee opens or closes their window blinds will reduce the light that finds its way into the eyes of the employee or onto their computer monitor. It is never easy working with unnecessary light shining down on a monitor screen. Vertical blinds cut out all the light, or just a little. It all depends on how much light an employee wants shining into their office.

If cost is a concern for an office manager or home-based office employee, they can breath a sigh of relieve. Today’s vertical blinds can be ordered and purchased from the economy style to the more sophisticated window blinds. Whatever the budget is for window blinds, there are styles, and textures and colors to meet that budget.

Another reason for purchasing and hanging vertical blinds is they are easy to clean. If cleaning is not your forte’ or too time consuming, these type of window blinds will be a lifesaver. The main reason is they are vertical. Other reasons for hanging vertical blinds in an office are they reduce allergens from the outside and inside an office. Allergies can keep an employee, in a traditional office, home for a while. With the use of vertical blinds, even if they need to be cleaned even once, they are a great investment for their look, style and health reasons.

For the environmentally conscience office manager or home office employee, they can be rest assured today’s window blinds can be purchased from PVC-free materials. Many vertical blinds can be manufactured from 90% recycled materials and the plastic used can include up to 50% once used, now recycled materials. As an employee decides to replace their old vertical blinds with some new ones, they will know the used window blinds will not stay in a landfill forever. The environmentally manufactured window blinds also reduce the amount of UV rays coming into a window. The reduction of UV rays will preserve any office furniture and save on an employee’s skin in the process.

It looks like today’s vertical blinds are the best way to cover any office window from unhealthy light, while protecting any office furniture and an employee’s health in the process.

Cleaning and Maintaining Contract Carpet Tiles

Cleaning and Maintaining Contract Carpet Tiles
To be suitable for offices, shops or other commercial premises, carpet tiles need to be significantly more resistant to wear and soiling than products bought for the home. Part of the reason for this is the fact that domestic users tend to be more conscientious about spills, staining and dirt tracked in from outside. Tiles near the office’s kitchen areas are often repeatedly stained and this will become permanent if not removed, whatever the quality of the floor covering.

Your new carpet tiles represent an investment in the presentation of your business. It makes sense to maximise the visual appeal of that investment, and to make sure it lasts for years. This article gives some recommendations on keeping them at their best.
Soiling from Outside
Office users rarely wipe their feet on entry as they would at home. This makes reasonably broad barrier mats an important defence against dirt and grit tracked in from outside. These mats should be cleaned and/or changed regularly.
Vacuum Cleaning
Bürofloor carpet tiles respond well to cleaning via powerful, industrial vacuum cleaners; the pile is strongly anchored, and the strong suction removes dirt and grit from deep down. Cut pile carpet tiles are best cleaned using cleaners with driven brushes, while loop pile should be cleaned with suction only. Where cleaning height is adjustable, the head should be set so that slight resistance can be felt. Cleaning is most efficient when the head is passed over the surface in two directions at right-angles to each other.
Heavy soiling areas, such as entry corridors, lift waiting areas or reception areas, should be vacuumed daily.
Periodic shampooing will significantly extend the life of carpet tiles. Done properly it removes the abrasive grit that accumulates at the base of the pile and contributes to wear. It also freshens the area and may reduce allergies such as some types of hay fever. The most effective method is by shampoo and hot water flushing. This not only removes ingrained soiling, but is also effective in flushing out detergent residue.
The covering should not be walked on until completely dry; this can take as much as 24 hours.
Dry Cleaning
This process involves brushing a detergent powder into the carpet and leaving it for around half an hour. It’s then removed by vacuuming. In some products this powder is slightly moist, but the vacuuming process is generally sufficient to dry it ready for use. Instructions for use and storage should be closely followed to avoid hazards.
Staining can be a frustrating problem in office areas. Staff education and persuasion may be required to ensure that spillages are reported and resolved as quickly as possible. Bürofloor commercial carpet tiles are extremely stain-resistant, but neglected staining will inevitably cause permanent damage.
Wet Staining
Many people react to spills of this kind by scrubbing with cloths or tissues. This does little more than spread the stain. The correct procedure is to begin by blotting the area with clean dry cloths or absorbent paper towels. Once as much as possible of the liquid has been removed, the remaining staining should be diluted with water applied with a clean cloth or sponge, working from the edge to the centre of the stain. Stubborn stains may be easiest to remove if the tile is taken up and washed under a tap.
Copier Toner
One of the most common dry stains in office premises is a copier or printer toner spill. If you drop most of the contents of the cartridge, don’t immediately reach for the vacuum cleaner! The powder is so fine that it can go straight through the filter and the localised problem is liberally distributed. In the case of a large spill it may be necessary to call the copier service company. Smaller spills shouldn’t be too troublesome for a standard vacuum cleaner. As long as it’s kept dry and no solvents are used there should be no staining.
No carpet tile is invulnerable. In the case of an indelible stain the only solution is replacement. Most installations will leave a few tiles over. Don’t throw them away – they’ll be a better colour match than any new replacements you buy. An alternative may be to swap the damaged tile with one from a less conspicuous area.

Window Shades Simplify It To Stop Light From Passing Into Your Home

There are many factors that are all part of how a home looks. From your paint colors and furniture, to rugs and window coverings, all these items are part of the look of your home. What window covering you choose will shape how a room looks, and how much light it lets in. Some rooms naturally have a lot of light, and though at times this is great, there are times you want to block out the sun.

Having window coverings that can block out the sun as needed can reduce your cooling costs, and save energy and environmental resources. Roller shades are a great option for keeping light out a room when it is desired to do so. There are a variety of window shades to meet all your needs, ranging from fully blocking out all sunlight, to partial blocking, as well as decorative window shades that will keep some sunlight out. By using this type of window shade you have many useful options that can meet all your needs.
Black out roller shades are what you typically think of when you think of blackout window shades, however there have been many improvements made over the years. The new blackout window shades made are made from higher quality materials than they previously were, and use heavier grade materials. These window shades are wonderful for keeping all light out of your home. Just think what an amazing and restful nights sleep you will get when you are not woken up by sunlight early every morning. Black out curtains may be the answer to your poor nights sleep.

Solar shades are another great light filtering option for homes made from light filtering precision screens. Made from PVC coated polyester these are durable and will last for years. Solar shades will block out the amount of sun you want to keep out of your home, and help reduce cooling costs. Solar window shades are the middle grade between full black out roller shades and decorative window shades. They do provide excellent light filtering, yet are not 100% black out.

Additionally, there are decorative shades available as well that are made from a wide variety of colorful or patterned fabrics, to match your home décor. This high quality woven fabric will hold its shape and form for many years to come. Decorative shades are not full black out window shades and should only be ordered when you are looking for a product to keep out partial light. These great decorative window shades are also wonderful for providing your home the privacy you desire.

Roller shades are rolled into a tube for lifting and lower and this tube is then mounted above the window. This keeps the window shades inconspicuous when not in use. There is a system for these roller shades that in previous years had been made of a low quality controlled spring-loaded reverse gear. These mechanisms break down quickly with repetitive use and are not a quality product. This is how roller shades had been made for years and made them easily breakable.

There is a now a new control mechanism available to raise and lower roller window shades. This, when combined with the new fabrics make roller shades a durable and high quality choice for your window covering needs. This new mechanism, Smooth Lift, will make the process of having roller shades simple and easy to use in your home everyday. Smooth Lift allows the shade to go up and down from the tube it is held in. Made from solid durable material this is a long lasting product that will enhance your home for years to come.

The Definition and Advantages of Fiber-Cement Siding

What is fiber-cement siding?

Fiber-cement siding is a material that is placed on the exterior walls of a building and used for decoration and for protection against the weather. This siding is normally used to cover the entire building or the house. The siding is made out of a combination of materials such as sand, cement, water, and cellulose fibers. These sidings are often styled to look like horizontal boards of wood because many people use the siding planks to imitate their original siding and to cover the exterior walls of their houses. These sidings are placed in an overlapping manner like wood siding. There are also some manufacturers who make the sheet form of fiber cement so that people can use it in other ways.

Installing the Fiber-Cement

The typical fiber-cement sheet measures 2400-3000 mm in length. These sheets are normally 900-1200 mm wide. The fiber-cement’s thickness is measured to be at the range of 4.5-18 mm.

It is very crucial to handle the fiber-cement siding sheets very carefully during the installation process. While the sidings are in sheet form, they may break or chip easily if improperly handled. It usually takes two people to carry these sheets since they’re very heavy. It also usually takes two people to install this material – one person holds it while the other person hammers the siding into place. If you’re planning to cut this material, you’d need to find a mechanised saw for cutting the thicker sheets or use metal hand sheers to cut the thinner sheets.

Advantages of Fiber-Cement

There are many advantages to using fiber-cement. First of all, this material is resistant against water and moisture which makes it ideal to use for houses in areas which are normally struck by typhoons. It is also resistant to weather conditions such as snow, rain, and hail. The sun won’t be able to damage it as much as it does other types of sidings since fiber-cement doesn’t melt when it’s exposed to heat like vinyl sidings do. It is also non-combustible which lessens or removes the threat of a fire starting. The strength and resistance of these sidings comes from the fact that it’s made out of fibers and also has some of the natural hardness of cement in its mix.

Unlike wood-based sidings, fiber-cement sidings are resistant to rot and unaffected by the presence of termites. These sidings don’t support the growth of mold nor do these sidings entertain the presence of mildews. You shouldn’t worry about whether it’s safe to live with this kind of material around you since fiber-cement is non-toxic to those living inside the house. It is also environmentally friendly. There are some issues though about installing this type of siding but these issues usually concern the dust which comes from cutting this material and whether or not this dust causes cancer, so a person should be careful when he is cutting this material.

Fiber-cement siding also looks and feels like real wood grain. It can stay unpainted and natural-looking but a person can also easily paint it whatever color they want. These people can also rest easy that the color they’ve painted won’t fade quickly since the fiber-cement itself has a high resistance to the sun and to the wind. As regards hail, this type of siding also protects the house against hail because the material’s so durable that hail won’t easily leave marks on the house nor will they mess up the siding’s paint job that easily.

Pine Dressing Tables : Choosing For Your Home

Pine dressing tables are a very attractive addition to a home and house. They are nice to look at and, in addition, a useful and practical piece of furniture.

Buying for ourselves is fun. Especially buying for what you want. Looking at the diversity of what is on offer is all part of pleasurable shopping, whatever you are seeking. A lot of choice is available for pine dressing tables.

Pine is a soft wood which allows it to be easily cut and worked. And the dressing table can be completed in a colour of your own choice in paint or varnish.

There is a large variety of differing types of pine dressing tables. They can differ in size, style, arrangement of drawers and cupboards, mirror types, accessories and finish.

Dressing tables have drawers or cupboards on one side or on the other, or even on both sides. Some have only a drawer below the table.

A dressing table with storage space on one side is named a single pedestal dressing table. With storage space on both sides, it is called a double pedestal dressing table.

Antique pine dressing tables can be very attractive pieces of furniture for the home. They are more decorative and elegant than the plain and simply designed modern dressing table type. An antique decorative frame around the mirror contributes well to this fine effect.

Reproduction pine dressing tables can be purchased instead of a genuine antique. Those of us who like the antique style can do this but others may prefer to own new furniture. Modern may also be less expensive. Another possibility is restored antique furniture.

Mirrors also can be acquired in varying designs, styles, sizes and shapes. A lot of dressing tables have a single mirror immediately in front of you as you are sitting down looking directly ahead. Other mirrors are made with three parts. Two smaller mirrors are connected to the larger central mirror by hinges. These smaller mirrors can be moved into the different positions you want, to take advantage of a side and angled view, for example.

A number of decorative drawer knobs or handles can be attached to add a nice touch to the dressing table. Pick the kind you like to create the effect you desire – metal or wooden ones, polished or painted. Highly polished brass handles look fine.

If you are wanting to purchase a pine dressing table, go to a few good web sites.

First though, what do you want? A modern or antique one? A beautiful, antique, decorative piece or a plain and simple modern style? A new or restored piece? Do you need a large amount of space for storage or do you like an uncluttered life? Drawers or cupboards or both? A single or double pedestal? One or three-set mirror? How much money are you willing to spend? Do you want a bargain? A discount to save money? Or do you want to pay for what will be more expensive now but of quality and of ongoing value?

Once you know what you want, or even if you still have to make your choice, thanks to the Internet, you are likely to find what you want.

Thank you very much for reading this article – Pine Dressing Tables : Choosing For Your Home

You are very welcome to visit Pine Dressing Tables soon for more useful information.

Herb Garden Design Tips and Ideas

Having your own garden filled with herbal plants can be a great stress reliever especially after a long and tiring day of work and worrying. You can relax in your herbal garden by just looking at the different plants and blooms and also by tending your garden. If you really want to turn your herbal garden into something that you can be really proud of, you should consider learning about different herb garden design ideas that you can use before you start digging and planting.

Research about important herb garden information

You have to learn all the basics of starting your own garden by researching in gardening books, magazines, and websites. You can read articles or collect pictures of garden designs that you want to have in your own yard. If this is your first time to plant herb garden plants, you need to learn about the kinds of plants that can grow in your area. You need to consider the climate, type of soil, and other environmental factors that can affect the kind of garden that you can have.

Learn about herb garden kits

For beginning gardeners, one good way to start your own herbal garden is to use one of those kits where everything you need is included such as pots, seedling trays, seedlings, soil, and compost. You can easily buy these kits from gardening shops or home depots. It is important to choose seedlings that can grow in your area. If the kit does not include gardening tools, you can buy them in hardware stores or in the shop where you purchased the kit.

Choose your design

Gardens have different types like windowsill herb garden, a patio garden, a culinary garden, or a mixed garden, to name a few. A windowsill garden usually consists of potted herbal plants that line up your windowsill. A patio garden is located in your patio. The plants are also potted. Culinary gardens are a favorite among chefs and cooks. You can easily harvest ingredients that you can use in your cooking if you have this type of herbal garden. A mixed garden includes herbal plants and also other types of plants like vegetables and ornamental plants.

Consider the space

It is also essential to consider then space where you are planning to put your garden. Make sure that you have enough plants and decors if you are planning to turn a large tract of land into a garden. If it is a small garden, make sure that the plants do not overcrowd which is not good for your plants. Make sure that you also have plenty time and energy to tend a large garden. If you are a very busy person who only has time on weekends, you should consider having a small garden which can be easily taken care of.


These are the things that you need to consider if you are planning to grow herbs and you are still thinking about which design you would like to have. It is important to research and be knowledgeable about gardening and growing herbal plants if you want your garden to produce healthy herbal plants.

Restoring kitchen cabinets the innovative way

There are times when you crave for a change in the look of your home but it may not always be possible to remodel the entire house all at once. You might have to take up redecorating one room at a time depending on how old the furniture is. You can always go to a reliable online furniture store to get the best deals and discounts. The trick with getting the best furniture at the best prices is to be patient with your buying plans. Another way to work within a set budget while remodeling the house is to refurbish some of the furniture. Good quality furniture may go out of style but might literally last forever.

Replace or remodel?
Sometimes, it seems like a shame to simply discard old furniture just because your taste has changed or because you are tired of looking at it. The kitchen is one part of the house which goes through a large amount of wear-and tear- specifically because it is a high traffic area. Sadly it is also a room in the house which gets neglected a lot. This is probably because it is more of a functional space and people tend to pay a little less attention to it. However, if you a feel that you need to change the look of your kitchen, you can consider remodeling the existing kitchen cabinets and modernize it by replacing some old and outdated appliances. There are numerous ways in which you can do this. Replace the cabinet doors or paint them in bright and bold colors.

DIY options
There are a few things that you will have to take into consideration. Decide exactly how much time you want to pour into the project and the skill level you have. Before you actually set out doing the work yourself get a few quotes from contractors. In the long run it may be more cost-effective and less time consuming for you to have a contractor do the work for you. You can also hire the services of an interior designer and get an estimate from him/her. If you prefer doing the work yourself, check out the different styles and designs on display at a good furniture store. This will give you a fair idea about the latest style and materials in the market.

This is one of the least-expensive and easy methods of updating old kitchen cabinets. In order to get the best finish, the contractor will remove all the doors and the hardware. The doors will be sanded-down individually. This will remove all the loose wood and paint. The surfaces will then be washed with water and soap and dried-out completely. A primer coating will be applied before painting. You can choose either the same colors for the insides of the cabinets, or contrasting ones. It is best to have whiter and brighter shades on the inside.

If you prefer a more thorough redesign, replace all the doors that have cracks in them. If there is a plumbing or tiling job that has to be carried-out, call in a person who is trained to do the job. Plumbing jobs can get a little complicated and tiling jobs need precision and expertise.

Gardening Tips: Generate Your Beautiful Garden

Does everyone else’s lawn constantly seem to be to look greener? One may be motivated to believe that the next-door neighbor has actually stumbled onto a gardening secret. The truth is, there is obvious in receiving a stunning yard. It just needs practical details relating to precisely how to maintain a variety of plants. Begin your garden experiences by reviewing this post to have some exceptional gardening help.

Begin your plants in compartments, and also at that point implant the seedlings into the garden later on. It additionally aids you make your planting times more regular.

Use perennials resistant to slugs and snails. Snails as well as slugs are able to damage plants in merely one evening. They commonly get a kick out of devouring perennials with really soft and tender leaves. Young plants are an unique preference of theirs. Perennials that are unappetizing in taste, or that have actually solidified and also hairy leaves, are not a pick of slugs or snails. Several of these plants consist of achillea, campanula, euphorbia, hellaborus, and heuchera.

You should always have a planting calendar when arranging your yard. This calendar ought to have the times when each variety of plant will definitely enter the yard. It can help you in prepping ahead of time, as it will certainly advise you exactly what you can buy as well as when it is ideal to acquire it. There are several software applications that can easily help you do this. Or, you may be actually old-fashioned and use paper.

Usage a tiny container packed with water to close to the top as well as spot several seeds in it. When you do this, you hydrate your seeds and they can easily start growing.

Ammonia combined with water makes a successful snail spray. Your useful plants will not be hurt by the ammonia. It converts to practical nitrogen later. The mixture will definitely eradicate the yard snail population, and also lifeless snails can’t hurt your garden. For best outcomes you’re visiting would like to utilize this blend daily.

Mix various plant heights as well as plants in the exact very same bed for an exceptional English yard. If you use plants that are all the same size your garden will look level.

Just before the sod may be laid, you must prep the ground. Make sure the dirt is loaded solidly and also also. After the sod has actually been squashed to an also area, you are able to use ground to pack any sort of remaining gaps.

When you water your yard, do it with care. To stay clear of detrimental fragile plants, you really should water them with reduced pressure.

Strive utilizing root cuttings to grow new plants. Cut the roots in the winter, while they are dormant. You will definitely want a sharp cutting carry out to obtain the most noticeable roots taken out. Cut each root in to items that are two inches in length. Using a combination of moistened peat and also grit, pack your seed tray and location the cuttings on top of the soil combination. Cover the roots with an additional slim level of the soil blend. Leave them in a neat location and also in a month you’ll have brand-new seedlings. Plant each seedling in its personal small flowerpot until they increase significant sufficient for outside planting.

Be sure to know the requirements of your plants, flowers and vegetables before you begin planting your garden. Experimenting with already existing plants will only lead to disaster.

Start your plants in containers, and then transplant the seedlings into the garden later on. Snails and slugs can destroy plants in just one night. The mixture will eradicate the garden snail population, and dead snails can’t hurt your garden. Try using root cuttings to grow new plants. Be sure to know the requirements of your plants, flowers and vegetables before you begin planting your garden.

Why You Want To Prioritize Green Home Improvement Tax Credits

Death and taxes are a sure thing, but tax credits and deductions are not. You may be missing the boat because your accountant is not informing you of the green home improvement tax credits and deductions that you may qualify for as a homeowner who targets home energy efficiency. Naturally, “number crunchers” are not in the position to tell you where to spend your money, and they are certainly not creative in suggesting how to spend it effectively. It is customary for your accountant to work with the information and receipts you provide them with, but many of them will not go much further than that.

There are many green home improvement tax credits available for homeowners like you, but they are disappearing quickly. Previously in 2006, you would earn a tax credit of $1,500 for upgrading your home’s single pane windows to Energy Star rated double paned windows. Sadly, that specific green home improvement tax credit has expired, and only the savvy tax pros utilized it to the fullest. Luckily for us, Congress has extended a $500 dollar Energy Efficiency Tax Credit to December 31st, 2013. It may not sound substantial to some people, but we know the average person will enjoy paying Uncle Sam five hundred dollars less. This $500 dollar credit specifically pertains to roofs, exterior windows, water heaters, doors, insulation, and Energy Star HVAC systems. Do not find yourself screaming “shoulda, woulda, coulda” in a few years because you did not take advantage of this $500 dollar green home improvement tax credit while it was around.

In addition, there is a much larger Federal tax credit of 30 percent that you can receive for installing a solar thermal water heating system, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, a wind power system, or a geothermal home energy system. Some states, such as North Carolina, have an additional 35 percent State tax credit that brings down the total cost of a green home improvement even further. However, in some states like Georgia the tax credit fund has been exhausted and the 35 percent credit no longer exists. This is another example of green home improvement tax credits quickly losing ground. In the next three years, the 30 percent Federal tax credit will expire. At this time, there is not a bill in place to extend anything after 2016.

Finally, upgrading your older appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.) to new, more efficient Energy Star models can earn you up to $225 dollars in tax credits depending on the model and efficiency level. These tax credits are also set to expire, so we recommend considering which green home improvement tax credits have shorter expiration dates, and then prioritizing accordingly.

Accountants cannot be blamed for lack of communication when it comes to energy efficiency and green home improvement tax credits. However, Net Zero USA wants to get the word out and wants people to know that there is NO guarantee that all of these home improvement credits will be around in 2014 (we’ve all heard about federal and state budget deficits). We also know that the trend of ‘green’ energy efficient homes is on the rise, so if a homeowner does not take advantage of these tax savings now, it can cost them substantially more in the future. Now, as you do your taxes and plan to work on home improvements this year, make sure you prioritize energy efficiency and utilize these available green home improvement tax credits while they still exist.

Net Zero USA proudly sells energy efficient green home improvements designed to dramatically reduce home energy bills.

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Drying Out

This time of year my garden center is filled with Christmas trees and boy do they have the fragrance of the season! I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the care of Christmas trees and there is a lot of misinformation floating around in people’s minds about taking care of their Christmas tree once they get it home. Let’s visit about it.

Choosing a good tree lot and carefully selecting your tree is crucial. When selecting a tree, give a tug on the needles. If they easily fall off, know that that tree was cut weeks (if not months) ago and has already begun to dry out.

Never select that sort of tree as it will become an extreme fire hazard inside your home. Instead select a tree that still has supple needles that flex and requires effort to pull the needles off the branch.

Whether you buy a tree from a vendor or go off into the woods to cut one down, just know your tree is somewhere between non-living and dead. By that I mean, it’s still green, the needles supple, and if you make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk and place it in water, the tree will take up the water and spread it through its needles where it still transpires – but it has no root system to continue to live. It is functioning only with the stored energy within the tree.

Always make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk when you get your tree home. By that I mean saw at least an inch off the base. The idea is to expose fresh cambium tissue that will actively transport water.

That tissue is located all around the inside of the bark area. The wood of the tree does not transport water.

Place your tree in the Christmas tree stand and add clean water. More than a few of my customer have asked if they should add white sugar, corn syrup, pancake syrup and even bourbon whiskey to the water to help the tree along. The short answer is no. The tree has stored energy already inside it in the form of glucose and adding more sugar at the very least is a waste and adding all that sugar to the water will make for a great bacteria soup in the Christmas tree stand in a just a few days. As for the bourbon whiskey, don’t make me cry by putting it in the stand!

If you want to harvest your own tree this year, a word of caution – the western United States has gone through one of its driest and hottest years in recent memory and the trees in the forest are very thirsty. Provide plenty of water, especially the first 24 hours once the tree is inside your home. Don’t be surprised if it drinks a gallon or more of water in that time frame, it is rehydrating.

Tip of the week: If you want a living Christmas tree this year, the rule is it can be only inside your home for no more than two days. More than two days inside a seventy degree home will cause it to break dormancy. Placed again outside in frigid temperatures, your living tree will be a goner.