At home with… Clare Gage

Design boutique ceramicist Clare Gage is breathing cool new life into the British tea-drinking tradition with her textile and ceramic fused tableware collection (from £14). Here, the first class graduate talks awards, getting herself out there and what makes her tick.
I struck on the idea… of fusing ceramics and textiles during my final year university project. My brief was to bring unusual qualities into ceramics, so I introduced textiles – my other big passion.
I begin with… fabric that I hand-weave and use to make fabric cups that are then created in porcelain. This instills the weave and stitch effect. I make cups, bowls, vases and coasters.
When I was a little girl… I was always making things. I went to millions of classes outside of school – jewelry making, ceramics and textiles.
My creative flair comes from… my parents. My mum loves textiles and my dad is a potter. He used to take me to his classes.
I’ve already had my first international exhibition… in Barcelona in August after being shortlisted for the International Ceramics Contest.

I’ve recently shown my work at… many galleries across the country, including the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate, Created Gallery in Chesterfield and Design Edge trade fair.
The most exciting thing that’s happened to me so far… is winning the Royal Society of the Arts award. It felt really important. I had to come to London and have a really pressurised interview in front of a panel – it was a bit like Dragon’s Den!
I’m proud to be… a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. At an RSA dinner I was the youngest person there by about forty years…
I love my home… because it’s my first. I live in a one-bed flat in Chesterfield. I arrived to view it on my own and liked it straight away. When my boyfriend arrived I told him I’d already made up my mind and wanted to move in.
The best room in my home is… the living room. It has lovely high ceilings, doors onto the patio and the focal point is a gorgeous fireplace.
I was lucky to find… my studio. My parents’ friends were renovating the outbuildings of their shop and they asked if I would like to have my studio there. It’s five minute’s walk away from my flat and it’s absolutely brilliant!
My best find… was an old Indian rug. The shop owner is an antiques dealer and he’d thrown it into the skip, but the builders rescued it for me. It’s a bit faded and tatty, but that’s ok because I get clay all over it.
My biggest challenge so far… has been starting up after university. I knew it was going to be hard, so I took a Flying Start course for women entrepreneurs.
I wouldn’t be where I am now… without being business-minded. It’s not enough to just be creative and to sit around all day making beautiful things – even though that’s what we all want to do. You need to have organisational skills as well.
It’s important to… get yourself out there. Part of being successful after university is being professional and building up your profile. You need to get out there and learn business skills.
For me, it’s all about… working with materials. I’m not inspired by other designers or artists but by the creative process. My ideas are based around the possibilities of what I could do with materials. I’d say I’m more techniques based. I just love trying out something new to see if it will work.

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Sunroom Expense: Exactly how To Satisfy Spending plan and Design Need

Starting with an evaluation of sunroom cost and designing from there is the best solution for finding that balance between including an exceptional addition to your home whether it is huge or small.

Weigh the benefits and disadvantages of a sunroom addition to your house and you’ll discover economic climate over any other addition you could make.

No more insect spray, cold winds, constant and constant down pours, just year round enjoyment of the pleasantness of being virtually outdoors. Sunroom expense factors will generally exceed any misgivings you may have about whether to go this course or choose a various space addition design.

Considering that a sunroom can be used practically all the time it’s no marvel the resale value of your rises. If it is built with the local climate factors to consider in mind, you could enjoy the coolness of summer and the warmth of winter season, despite the outside conditions.

When pricing your sunroom, materials are the most crucial consideration. I would definitely start with quality products then include identifying functions to make the sunroom one-of-a-kind. The most crucial construction aspect includes the glass you select. Stinting quality glass materials can make your sunroom a very annoying addition. So if you are going to reduce on the cost of your sunroom addition, do not buy less expensive glass that is not created sunrooms. Glass utilized in quality sunroom building is particularly designed with a distinct UV coating that prevents hazardous sun rays from making your sunroom uneasy. During the colder months you’ll find it to be an exceptional installation material.

As you start the planning process for your sunroom, make sure you ask about the type of glass made use of. Start with the highest quality available to guarantee getting the right glass gadget that matches conditions in your location. Many producers provide prefabricated sunrooms. If you determine on this choice, make sure the design incorporates the highest quality glass you could afford.

When you begin going shopping around for the ideal sunroom design, Sunroom expense elements can quickly get out of hand. By approaching your planning with a dollar figure in mind you’re less likely to be seduced by unnecessary features or fancy designs that may not match your home or spending plan.

Many property owners become dismayed when they try to build a sunroom that’s too big. Some of these fundamental costs you require to pay attention to consist of, location of the addition onto your home, square footage and design. Choosing where to put the sunroom can additionally significantly impact prices.

When thinking about the place make certain the view is suitable for your sunroom. Make sure the size of the area will accommodate the size of the sunroom you wish to construct. Consider additionally exactly what the room will be made use of for. , if it’s to have a view of the garden it needs to be able to provide that view unblocked and with the right angles and views.. If you’re considering a workout area, outside workplace or some various other semi-private requirement, analyze that too.

Numerous times simply knowing especially exactly what the space will be made use of for could help determine exactly how big it ought to be and narrow the design options. Study the land bordering your sunroom and aspect in the amount of prep work called for to start the building process. You’ll have to consist of these costs in your quotes.

Make these conditions known to the professionals so they have an even playing field for sending their sunroom price bids. This is a crucial piece of details required when doing your sunroom expense contrasts.

Be leery of builders who have actually restricted experience building sunrooms. Not just will they not be familiar with usual structure techniques, but could cut corners on materials that are essential to a well designed, eco practical sunroom.

You have some research to do. If you take it one action at a time, it is not frustrating. The goal is to have a sunroom that satisfies your needs, comes in at sensible prices, and is correctly constructed and cosmetically appealing for your specific purpose.

Cutting corners on quality glass products can make your sunroom an extremely aggravating addition. If you are going to cut back on the expense of your sunroom addition, do not purchase more affordable glass that is not made for sunrooms. Glass utilized in quality sunroom construction is especially made with a distinct UV covering that avoids dangerous sun rays from making your sunroom awkward. Determining where to place the sunroom could also dramatically have an effect on prices.

The objective is to have a sunroom that meets your demands, comes in at affordable expenses, and is properly constructed and aesthetically appealing for your particular function.

Finding The Best Table Hardware Supplier

Household furnishings are a major proponent of keeping daily life comfortable and well managed at all times. Many people decide to complete projects that are aimed at creating the furnishings and items they need individually in order to save money while also being able to simply enjoy the accomplishment of creating something individually. Anyone interested in this need should know the fundamentals of choosing the right table hardware provider to ensure their efforts are successfully managed.

Table hardware providers are appropriated with the supplies and components needed to ensure consumers are offered an opportunity to find the supplies they need for project completion. People are often interested in this retailer as opposed to larger chains as they specialize in the creation of tables and are often the best equipped to offer consumers what they need. Shopping decisions are usually completed with quite a bit of caution among consumers.

People in most major cities are offered a wealth of opportunities to consider when deciding on where to make a purchase. Consumers often learn that trying to sort through all viable options can be difficult to consider without having access to insight as to what should be considered. Finding the right provider is quite easy when various considerations are weighted.

Project completion needs should generate the most interest from people trying to make this selection. The needs of the project are usually quite varied and based on the specific design and dimensional properties that one is interested in seeing throughout their house. Creating a list and using it to determine what stores are equipped with what is needed creates a more efficient shopping experience.

An additional consideration in this process is making sure the retailer has built upon a solid reputation. The reputation of the retailer is usually based on the need to make sure that previous consumers have been fully satisfied with their items and have been able to successfully complete their purchases for the sake of effectiveness. People are able to gage this information on review forums and by receiving referrals along the way.

Consumers should also be assured they consider the use of either an internet or store front retailer in their efforts. Making purchases online is now one of the most efficient sources of being able to ensure that any project planned is completed in the most efficient and viable manner. Other consumers prefer making purchases from a store front to physically see and touch the items being considered as part of being confident in their efforts.

Any provider under review should be equipped to offer assistance to their consumers. The assistance needs that people are commonly focused on surround the opportunity to make sure that any purchase performed is able to be as correctly assessed and guided through for the entire project. Virtual assistance and helpful employees should be utilized to their fullest advantage.

The right table hardware provider is able to offer affordable prices. The cost of purchasing items for this kind of project can become difficult to afford when ensuring all efforts are thorough and final. The lowest total costs for best quality solutions help people manage their budgets in an effective manner.

Home Security Products- Safes

You might have installed various kinds of home security alarms and systems in your house. However, there is another important thing you may not have. This is a home security safe. Many homeowners have the idea that safes are items you will only find in mansions and large estates. This is simply not true and more and more homeowners are considering purchasing home security safes for their homes, regardless of how wealthy they are.
Do you have valuables at your home or business? While most people don’t keep a lot of cash in the house, they still have certain other valuable items that they wish to protect from burglars. The best way is to have a safe in which to store them.
Jewelry is one of the items that should always be kept in a secure location, and home security safes are perfect for that. There are also many other items that are not necessarily valuable but they have an intrinsic value for the owner. Computer media requires special protection to keep the temperature at a much lower level, because they are plastic based and melt at a much lower temperature than that at which paper starts to burn.
There are two basic types of security safe available:
1,Fire Resistant Safes- devised to protect valuable documents (wills, share certificates, deeds etc.) and computer data-storage media in case of fire.
2,Burglary Resistant Safes- The burglary resistant safes are intended to keep your valuables and cash protected in the event someone breaks into your home. Such safes come with different grades of protection.
How to choose a safe for your home and what type of safe you wish to purchase?
Make sure to think ahead and see what kind of items you wish to store and, very importantly, whether they will fit in your safe. It is very important to purchase a home security safe that is matched to the value it has to protect. Also consider the placement of the safe – will it be a standing location, a wall safe or an under-floor safe?
Work together with your insurance company and make sure all the valuable documents you own are placed in the safe. If you do have large sums of cash you might want to consider keeping them in the bank. However, for other items your home safe should be perfect. Keep records of the number and type of the items in your home for potential insurance claims.
You should also consider the different types of locking systems. Electronic locks are very secure but they are also more expensive. You can however go with a key lock or a combination lock. It’s essential to purchase a home security safe that matches your needs and protection level.
Insurance companies recognize the protection level of home security safes in most cases, but you should check with them first. The protection level of the safe is given by different elements, such as the strength of the walls and the door, the complexity and protection level of the locking mechanism and how hard it is to remove the safe from its location. As a rough guide the higher the cash rating of a safe the more secure it is.
If you want to get more information about home security, please visit:

Cork Underlayment- The Underlying Truth

When you use material such as hardwood for floors, an underlayment is also used. Many floor installers use cork underlay. It naturally makes the room more sound-proof. It can also be placed below a ceramic floor as the cork will deaden the sound that would otherwise get transmitted through the hard material. The thicker the cork underlayment, the greater the sound reduction. It also protects the tile floor from developing stress cracks that can be transmitted from the underlying sub-floor. Once the underlay has been affixed the tiles or wood can be attached easily to its surface. It is a more cost-effective option when compared to options such as foam or rubber.

Floating floor
Cork can be used under floating wood floors. These floors are not directly attached to the subfloor. When used in this manner the cork has to be simply rolled-out and does not have to be attached either. No glue is required and it will still sit snugly in place. The fact that the procedure is such a simple one means that it is an ideal choice for Do It Yourself enthusiasts.

Attached Floor
Cork underlayment is also suitable for floors that have to be attached to the subfloor. In such cases, the cork will have to be glued-down to the subfloor. This cork can be used under a wood floor that has been attached irrespective of whether it has been stapled or nailed.

Wood and cork work very well together as cork is a very breathable material. It also permits moisture to pass through, rather than holding it in like other materials do. This simply means that the wood surface stays protected and moisture-free. It prevents formation of mildew and mold which can be an issue in many humid regions. One thing that must be taken into consideration while setting up cork underlay, is that it provides no protection against any moisture rise from the concrete flooring or ground underneath. Plastic sheeting will have to be placed underneath the cork sheet to protect the wood floor from any rising moisture.

Sound Proofing
Wooden floors can be very noisy as they carry sound across long distances. Footsteps can echo right across a room or even a home. Cork with its unique cellular structure which holds air pockets acts as a natural sound-proofing material. It has been used on walls and floors of recording studios for numerous years due to this specific property. Today it is used in residential applications and many apartments and condominiums will have cork underlay or even cork on walls in many rooms.

Cork is a naturally occurring material. It is extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree and is a renewable source. This makes it environment –friendly unlike rubber, foam or other commonly-used underlay materials. When paired with environment-friendly wooden flooring the entire project can easily mean less strain on the environment.

Leveling subfloor
There are times when a subfloor has to be raised where it is at varying levels. In some cases the floor in two different rooms may be at different levels and the subfloor will have to be raised in one room to match the level in the other. Cork is an ideal material for leveling.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

One often overlooked indoor gardening activity is growing vegetables. We who live and garden in the Eastern part of this country often have to be creative when it comes to satisfying our gardening urges during the cooler months of the year. When outdoor gardening activities wind down for the season, our attentions naturally turn to indoor gardening pursuits. One good activity that is often overlooked is growing vegetables indoors. I know an eyebrow or two might be raised at the suggestion of indoor vegetable gardening, but it can be done, within limits. Certainly pumpkins, squash, and sweet corn are not going to be items grown inside the average home! But, many leafy crops, root crops, tomatoes, and other vegetables can be grown indoors during the cold months of the year. The rules are a little different when growing vegetables indoors. The fertilization needs are also a bit different when gardening crop indoors. Nevertheless, there are some good vegetables that can be grown inside, and it is an activity that gardeners should explore. There are some points to keep in mind, vegetable seeds are sometimes hard to come by in the late summer to early fall. Store them according to their needs, and start your indoor vegetable garden in the fall most leaf crops such as lettuce, endive, Swiss chard and the like require cooler indoor temperatures. At south facing indoor room with supplemental heating and one that warms up considerably in the winter from solar heating would be a good place to grow these crops. The amount of light and intensity also are important factors to consider. Outdoors in midsummer, lighting conditions are considerably different from the typical indoor conditions of late fall to early spring.
Indoor container gardening can be a boon but at the same time have some drawbacks as well. Varieties some fruits like lemons and other smaller varieties can be cultivated indoors. It can be done, if correct varieties and techniques are used. Varieties of a given plant need to be chosen that will do better in shorter day situations, and supplemental lighting may very well be required to insure success. Planning your garden is one of the most important parts of vegetable gardening, and it’s quite simple. Whether it’s a vegetable garden, a flowerbed, indoor houseplants, or some combination, successful gardening requires planning, patience, and a little detective work on planting you can bring your herb garden indoors for the winter. Preparing your garden soil for planting is the most physically demanding part of vegetable gardening and may also be the most important part. But thanks to new options in planting and growing, having a small vegetable garden is possible without having to spend the many hours per week it usually takes to grow veggies. Because a small vegetable garden doesn’t take up much room, you have a couple of different options when it comes to planting and raising the veggies. Another less intense and easier option is to use planting pots to grow your small vegetable garden. You can solve this problem by using a marker or tape and put the name, variety and date of planting in each container. Over time, nutrients in the soil can be diminished by repeated planting. Otherwise, you will want to wait about a month before purchasing and planting already started veggie plants. Apartment buildings the patios and balconies of apartment buildings and condominiums often have good exposure for container vegetable gardening. Tomatoes, certainly pumpkins, squash, and sweet corn are not going to be items grown inside the average home! But, many leafy crops, root crops, tomatoes, and other vegetables can be grown indoors during the cold months of the year. Carrots, radishes, tomatoes and a multitude of other vegetables are well suited for indoor gardening. But tomatoes, peppers,
and spice might be good selections. So do a little research before you start your indoor gardening and you can have lots happiness and joy with your new inside garden.

Home Security- Choose Right Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor security light are one of the first points of action to preventing a home intrusion. A well-lighted property cannot prevent malicious activity or guarantee personal safety, but crimes are less likely to occur because lighting is an excellent deterrent.
A security lighting system is a deterrent because it exposes the criminal, making them feel vulnerable and insecure. Criminals most likely look for areas with little to no lighting. Homeowners on the other hand, can benefit from a lighting security system that can detect and recognize movement in an otherwise overlooked and dark surrounding. Downward directed and shielded security lighting of medium intensity provides the best vision for outdoor lighting. In addition to the position of the security lights, controlling the glare is a major consideration. This is crucial because homeowners who can see the criminal can possibly provide authorities with descriptions, information, and other valuable clues.
Outdoor security lighting is an important part of a complete home security plan, but many people make the wrong choice in the type of lighting they use. You might assume that bright lights that clearly illuminate your property would be a turnoff to potential burglars and thus the best choice. While lighting that illuminates driveways, paths, and porches can make homeowners and visitors (the invited kind) feel more secure, some types of outdoor security lighting can actually make it easier for burglars to ply their trade.
Bright security lights are not the best choice for home security. Illuminating the driveway and front yard with bright light can make it easier for a intruder to hide in the shadows. This is because bright lights also create dark shadows in the negative space. Therefore, it is harder for the eyes to adjust and pick out potential intruders hiding in the dark spots. Essentially, bright lights destroy a person’s night vision. So, even though it may seem to make sense to use powerful lighting to illuminate the exterior of your home at night, lower light levels often make a smarter choice.
Lower wattage outdoor security lighting, such as one often sees used for landscape lighting, tends to be a better choice. This sort of lighting illuminates pathways enough for walking up to the house and opening the door without blinding the homeowner to what could be going on in other parts of the yard.
There are times when bright outdoor lighting makes sense (i.e. when checking for fallen branches during a storm or if there definitely is an intruder on your property and you want to scare him away), but rather than using it all the time (which is not smart energy-wise anyway), try having your bright lights controlled by inside switches.
How to Select Outdoor Security Lighting Systems?
Before selecting an outdoor security lighting system, you should consider some important points:
1. How much money are you prepared to spend?
2. What areas of the house or property do you want to be lighted? Do you want outdoor security fence lighting or are you happy with a simple security outdoor entry lighting system?
3. Do you want the lights to be constantly on or do you want to regulate the lights with motion sensors or pre-set timers?
4. Where will you be placing the lights? Where will the controls be?
5. Do you want a system that has a remote control?
6. Will you be installing the outdoor security lighting system by yourself? How handy are you with electrical projects? Would it be better to purchase a wireless outdoor lighting security system or do you feel competent to install hard-wired lights?
If you want to get more information about security lights, please visit:

Houston Tree Lighting And Landscaping

Tree lighting is special subcategory of outdoor lighting that, when installed by a trained and licensed expert, enlarges the apparent size of the property and adds an additional layer of outdoor lighting that makes other vegetation and landscape features appear more vibrant, colorful, and multi-dimensional.

Tree lighting is cost effective to operate, and it is installed by Houston’s best experts in landscape lighting who partner with us to deliver this very unique value to clients of our company who want to give their front and back yards that extra, magical touch that makes a property appear genuinely superb at any time, day or night.

Illuminating trees is important to landscape design. Although scientifically classified as plants, trees nevertheless are some of the most unique organisms on the planet. They are typically tough and resilient, characterized by mind-boggling life spans, and are found in almost all parts of the world.

They also produce oxygen that is vital for all other life forms, so in many ways, they are the lungs of the world. Some are immensely tall, while others have root systems that fan out underground and go deeper into the earth than their branches climb into the sky.

Tree lighting allows people to see these magnificent pillars of nature at any time during the evening, night, or early morning. A property with illuminated trees will also appear to have greater depth and dimension. Not only will viewers be better able to see the trees themselves, but they will also get a better view of the adjacent pool, outdoor kitchen, Italian garden, and custom patio.

The light that shines down from a lighted tree falls upon the ground in a circle that simulates a pool of artificial moonlight. Both the color and intensity of this special illumination directly result from a specific type of technology used in these projects.

Other types of lighting fixtures do not produce the same results, and some may harm the trees. It is essential that clients invest in to use the right fixtures for this task in order to get the maximum return on their investment and to protect the health of their trees.

Tree lighting is done with a special kind of luminaire known as a mercury vapor lamp. This fixture is very unique in terms of the color of light it emits. Unlike most fixtures, which generate a white light, the mercury vapor lamp emits a blue-green light that is more complimentary to the color of leaves and bark.

While any homeowner can go out and buy a mercury vapor lamp in a hardware store, we strongly recommend against doing this. Retail versions these fixtures are not as viable as commercially obtained, specification-grade equivalents.

To obtain equipment of this quality, the homeowner should source their purchase through a lighting design firm that can obtain premium equipment at vendor prices directly from the manufacturer.

The first thing that has to be considered is the health and safety of the tree itself. It is never a good practice to use a ladder to install these fixtures because ladders can permanently scar trees. Our partner company actually has actually trained some of its employees to climb trees the old-fashioned way. These workers know how to get up any tree trunk without harming it in order to install the equipment in a concealed location.

This allows the light to be enjoyed without a visible fixture creating a distraction. These lighting design specialists also similarly conceal wires and properly grounded circuits in order to avoid creating a shock hazard in the yard.

The resulting illumination that follows is truly one of a kind. It adds decorative value to the landscape, and it better illuminates garden paths, seating areas, custom patios, and arbors that stand underneath the sheltering branches of the trees. People enjoy spending more time outside at night, and guests find the home even more unique and appealing as an entertainment destination when accented by tree lighting.

Essential Information about the Different Types of Flooring

If you want to improve the attractiveness of your home, then you should carefully think about the kind of flooring which can work suitably for its theme. Fortunately, you have numerous options so it will never be impossible for you to install that type which completely meets your requirements and preferences. The following are just few of your best choices:

1. Vitrified Tiles. These refer to glazed tiles that are primarily made by using a specific type of clay at certain temperature. What makes this type of floor beneficial is that it is free from joints, meaning adjacent tiles do not come with any gaps. You can also expect them to be larger and sturdier. They do not hold stains because these can be easily cleaned using an acid wash. But despite the many advantages of this floor, it also comes with its own drawbacks including its susceptibility to slipperiness and scratches.

2. Wooden Flooring. This is considered by many as one of the most elegant kinds of floor available in the market. If you are thinking of using this for your home, then it is advisable for you to pick that which is made of one hundred percent solid wood because this is more durable than the others. The good thing about wood is that it comes in various types so you will never have a difficult time picking that which can complement well with the theme in your home. If you want to pick a low maintenance and low cost option, then you should consider choosing wood lamination for your present floor. Note, however, that despite the elegance and durability of wood, it also offers problems like quality depletion due to dampening and oxygenation. This material is also available in the market at an expensive price.

3. Stone Flooring. This type is usually used in expensive houses and high class restaurants, offices and bars. Among the many materials used here are limestone, sandstone, slate, travertine, granite and marble. If you want your home to achieve a more elegant look, then you should consider installing the polished marble or the granite for your floor. If you want a kind of floor which offers a more natural look, then you should pick the sandstone, slate and limestone. The good thing about the stone material is that it can effortlessly resist scratches, cracks, water and stains.

4. Ceramic Tiles. If you are in search of a more versatile material for your floor, then the ceramic tiles are ideal for you. These are versatile because these are available in various finishes like mat, antique, satin and glossy. These tiles are also easily noticeable because of their stylishness and easy maintenance. These are also versatile enough that you can expect them to look good whether you install them inside or outside.

5. Hardwood Flooring. This is considered by a lot of experts as the best floor material. The reason behind this is that it is guaranteed to be durable while also having an aesthetic appeal which can last for a long time with proper maintenance and care. This material can enhance the warm and elegant appeal in any room. The good thing about this hardwood floors is that you can easily refinish them so expect issues like moisture, dents and scratches to be instantly resolved.

Creative Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

Decorating your child’s bedroom is nothing like decorating your own. It is important to make the distinction as early as possible so that you do not transfer adult design ideas and techniques to a child’s room.

In an adults room the primary focus is on style, comfort and relaxation. Most of our time spent in our bedroom is sleeping, we spend most of our waking time out of our bedrooms and in other areas such as the living room of the house. This is not true for children, they are less concerned about style, focusing instead on just whatever they like and enjoy. They also use their rooms for far more purposes than we would, from reading books, playing games, drawing and so on.

It is a good idea to take advantage of this multifunction idea of your child’s bedroom, by splitting the room in to distinct areas. This doesn’t have to be a literal division at all, and in most cases it would be impractical. The best way to implement the different sections of the room is to group furniture with the same purpose or that will be used for similar activities together.

Simple things like putting a comfortable small chair close to where your child’s books are kept makes it far easier for your child to start reading. A desk next to or near to the window allows for greater light when drawing or painting, as well as giving an area to do homework.

It is a good idea to give your child a lot of say in what their bedroom looks like, it is their’s after all! It will also allow them to feel a great connection to their room, as they will feel like they had a real impact on how it looks and the layout used.

In saying that, when it comes to a child’s bedroom it can often be a difficult task to mix what your child likes at the moment, and what they will like in a months time! As such it is important to try and decorate it in non-specific ways, focusing on colours and patterns that are not specific to a certain TV programme for example.

While children tend to love bright and beautiful colours such as bright reds, blues, pinks and so forth, try not to use too bright colours everywhere. They can tend to make the room too lively and will reduce the feeling of relaxation in the room, which is important when it comes to things such as sleeping or resting.

A great idea is to paint three of the walls in a light colour and one in a more vibrant but slightly darker shade of the same colour. The best place for this bolder wall is where the play area of the room is. This also has a dual purpose, as by having three light coloured walls and one darker wall it gives the illusion of making the room seem bigger, this works in any room of the house, not just your child’s room.

Finally children’s curtains should be fairly light, not just in colour but also in how much light they allow into the room, although it is advisable to not make them too light if there are street lights that might make sleeping difficult unless you include a blackout lining.